Here at Classic Fresca, we value quality above all else. We try to ensure that every single item we sell is of topmost quality. And the following is true for the sweet grapes harvested by us.

These little balls of sweetness, coming from Nashik, Kasgaon, Pimpalgaon and Pandharpur, are sure to water your mouth. The grapes you are going to eat are of such quality that they have even been exported to foreign countries. It is made sure by us before selling that the grapes being sold are crispy so the unique feeling of having a crisp grape melt in your mouth is sustained.

Our grapes come in four varieties, Super Sonaka, Flame Seedless, Thompson Seedless and Sharad Seedless. Before harvesting we ensure that the sugar level of the grapes is higher than 17% and that their size is greater than 18 cubic millimeters.

These grapes are a huge source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and antioxidants. They enhance the efficiency of digestion and contain cancer preventive chemicals. Enhancing eyesight is another benefit of these fruits.

So why wait, order grapes from Classic Fresca now!




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