The fig, the edible fruit of Ficus Carica, is now available at your favourite fruit brand Classic Fresca. This fruit has been cultivated since ancient times and is even now cultivated throughout the entire world. However, it is doubtful that you will find a fig that tastes better than the one you buy from Classic Fresca.

100 grams of this fruit not only satisfy your itch for that evening treat or late-night snack, but also contain health benefits beyond comprehension. 100 grams of fig contain around 74-75 calories and various vitamins and minerals. Its composition consists of all the components of a balanced diet. A fun fact is that around 80% of the fig is water. Due to this high water content, it acts as an excellent skin cleanser and cures acne.

Rich in dietary fibre, it is helpful for weight loss. It helps cure diabetes and reduces fatigue and blood cholesterol. With so many benefits, it would be extremely stupid to not have this heavenly fruit in your mouth this season; so order fresh and exotic figs from Classic Fresca now!



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