Pomegranate and the Cutting Problem

One of the most popular criticisms that I have seen levelled against pomegranate is that it is not worth the hard work put into collecting the arils in the bowl.

Another one is that many arils are lost during the cutting process. People say that they get less than what they paid for. This is just a classic example of humans making things harder for them as there is a very simple process to effectively peel off the skin and epidermis of the pomegranate easily and without losing any arils.

Pomegranate is first and foremost a sectional fruit, if we look at it closely, we can look at six ridges which represent the epidermis from which we need to remove the arils. So, with a knife, we need to put slight cuts at each of these ridges and dip the fruit in cool water and rip it apart there. This way, all of the loose arils land in the water.

Now we need to remove the arils one-by-one from each section which is a lot easier than the traditional way.

And thus, in such easy steps, the biggest obstacle in eating pomegranates is jumped over.




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