devgad ratnagiri hapoos alphonso -hapus & Payri & Kesar Mangoes 

Devgad Ratnagiri  Hapoos Alphonso -hapus /Aafus  (हापूसAlphonso Mangoes & Payri Mangoes 

Alphonso Hapoos-hapus  is also called the king of mangoes. The best variety of Alphonso grows on the red stone mud terrain  Devgad sindhudurg konkan and Ratnagiri  region which is having black soil terrain  of Maharashtra, India . These sweet, pulpy, and nutritious fruits are rich in fiber, calcium, iron, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and proteins. We at Classic Fresca have a specialty in cultivating and harvesting of  the Residue Free Alphonso Hapoos-hapus ,aafus, & Payri  of Devgad Ratnagiri., Konkan Sindhudurg Maharashtra . These tempting delicious fruit will attract you again and again. 

Alphonso Hapoos   (हापूसhas a considerable shelf life of around 3 weeks after they are harvested. 

The Payri Mango is another  famous speciality  variety cultivated harvested in Devgad [devgadh] Ratnagiri Sindhudurg  of the Konkan area of Maharashtra, India . It is generally consumed with Alphonso (Hapoos) mangoes . The Payri mangoes are very juicy and are consumed more in the form of pulp (aamras).Mixture of Payri & Alphonso Hapoos Hapus makes the Mango Pulp one of the best taste of the  world.  The fruit is rich in fibers, protein, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3. It is consumed more in Gujarat and Maharashtra.  People all around world consume mix mango pulp of Payri and Alphonso in there lunch and dinner as Puri – Aam Ras -Mango Pulp 

 We at ClassicFresca Cultivate  and Harvest Residue Free Alphonso Hapoos -hapus  & Mangoes at Devgad Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri of Konkan , Maharashtra India .

Classic Fresca makes sure you get the best mangoes to give you a perfect treat, So why wait? 


About mango pulp (aamras)