All About Konkan Cashew Nuts – Kaju

The favourite snack of the rich and the favourite crop of the farmers, cashews (Annacardium occidentale) find its roots originally in Brazil and were brought to India by the Portuguese. The tallest cashew tree that one could find would be of 14 m with a symmetric spread of 25 m.
In India, the popular name of cashews is “Kaju” which was derived from its Portuguese name Caju. Initially, cashew trees were planted to aid the prevention of soil erosion although the reasons for its plantation have completely turned over the centuries. Now, they are grown to serve its kernel, fruits, seed/nut, other products to the human race.
India is the second largest producer of cashews in the world. India shares a big portion of cheese of the total foreign exchange earned from the international trade of cashews all around the globe.
Cashews are planted by the farmers of peninsular India. Sindhudurg, Devgad Vengoorla, Malvan, Rajapur and Ratnagiri are the major cashew growing districts of Maharashtra. The pH level of the soil needed for the best growth of cashews is 6.3 to 7.13 which is proffered by these red sandy terrains of Sindhudurg, Devgad, Konkan and Ratnagiri.
Cashews are a rich source of 44% fat, 18% proteins, 30% carbohydrates and the rest being water. It contains fat soluble vitamins A, D and K. The benefits of cashews are impossible to count on fingers. The rich mineral supplement from cashews comprises of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, iron and others. For the health-conscious people as well as people with high cholesterol, cashews are the perfect source of nourishment due to their appreciative quality of zero cholesterol.
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